Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The wrong charity...

"Unless your heart is limitless, you have to have your heart at the right place."

I feel annoyed everytime there is an advertisement on tv asking us to donate to the Palestinians. What the? Why should we help the Palestinians when there are many of our own people suffering back here? What about the rural or poor kampung folk that have lost their houses and all their belongings in the recent floods? I have not seen a SINGLE advertisement on tv collecting donations for flood victims in Sarawak...which is totally unfair. Apparently, mangsa banjir di Johor atau Kelantan atau Terengganu (correct??) "lebih kasihan" because there were plenty of adverts asking for donations when Johor/kelantan/terengganu was flooded some time back. Anyway, poor S'wakian and Sabahan flood victims... no aid for them. Some people tell me that this is because of a political agenda...?

Sorry, back to the topic. I'm not saying that you can't help the Palestinians. I'm saying that you should help your own people first! There are plenty of people in Malaysia that need help to build better lives. The poor, the sick... there are plenty of us that need your help. So please don't donate to the Palestinians, please help your own people. :)

In conclusion, charity is great, but please have your priorities!

And just so you know, I donate to the poor very rarely :( Maybe I don't have a heart... but I'd prefer to donate if I earn my own money, not what my mum gives me. Hmm... maybe that's just an excuse for not donating..We'll see what happens when i earn my own money...

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