Saturday, February 21, 2009

David Archuleta vs Jesse McCartney...

Who do you prefer??

I think these two guys can be compared to each other. Why? Well, they are young singers... although Jesse McCartney has much more experience than David Archuleta...but anyway, the reason I am comparing them is because it seems their songs always are released around the same time.

First, it was Archuleta's Crush vs Jesse's I'm leaving and It's over.
Now, it's Archuleta's A little too not over you vs Jesse's How do you sleep.

I find that Jesse's songs are more catchy and I like them immediately, where as Archuleta's songs take time for me to like them... But I don't get fed-up of both their songs.

But in the end,I prefer Archuleta, because he has a nicer name :)

Why did I blog about this?? Well, there is a song just released that I am looking for, but can't find it because I don't even know the singer/song name :(

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