Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today I had another 8-5 day at Uni... hmm. 8-5's are really exhausting and for me it's worse; it's 7-6 since I have to drive to Uni. The extra 2 hours are in traffic jams, or napping in my car waiting for the lab to open at 8 (if i arrive early) or doing OT in the lab (If i have OverTime work).

On the other hand, I have "all the comforts of home"... so maybe those hostel students have more right to complain... hmm...well, I guess everything has it's own pro's and con's and most people (including me) like to complain.

Tomorrow is another 7-6 since I have music class in the morning, and I'll be making competent cells and doing transformation after that. There's gonna be an assignment for music class tomorrow and hopefully I can get 5/5 for it! :D

Listening to Fifteen now... i can listen to it over and over's really quite nice :)

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