Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great TV series

I want to list them out, so that I can remember them in the future!

5-6: Red
7-8: Green
9-10: Blue

Popular: I REALLY liked this. The cliffhanger ending was terrible since the show was not continued : (9/10)
Now and Again: Great show on TV2, BAD sucky ending as the show was cancelled. (7.9/10)
Blood Ties: Great show, quite recent but not renewed... :( (7.9/10)
Missing: I remember liking it, but didn't watch it *that* regularly. (6/10)
Farscape: No proper ending. Shit. It sux that (9/10)
Babylon 5: The best Sci Fi EVER. (9.8/10)
Mythquest: Another GREAT TV2 show. (8.5/10)
Dark Knight: About Ivanhoe, this series was the best! (9/10)
Xena: GREAT show. (8.99/10)
Hercules: Not quite as great as Xena, but still great. (8.0/10)
Young Hercules: Kinda good. (7.5/10)
Stargate SG1: The second best Sci Fi. Love the mythology aspect. Unfortunately local tv stations never showed the later seasons. (9/10)
Charmed: THE BEST? Idiot NTV7 never showed the later seasons. (9.9/10)
Merlin: Great! One of the better new shows. (8.5/10)
Smallville: I'm not a big fan, but nowadays, nothing better is on tv (7.9/10)
Eli Stone: Pretty good...! (8.0/10)
Ally McBeal: I used to love this show. (8.5/10)
Grey's anatomy: One of my most Favourite shows of all time. (9.9/10)
Dark Angel: Can barely remember it, but stared Jessica Alba! (5.5/10)
Cleopatra 2525: Wacky show...totally different from others. (6/10)
Gilmore Girls: !!! I like Paris most of all... (9.5/10)
Beastmaster: This was one of my favourite, especially Tao...and the sorceress!
Numbers: I enjoyed this!! (8/10)
Supernatural: BETTER than smallville! (8/10)
The 4400: GREAT, but wasn't shown on TV anymore :( (8.9/10)
Kyle XY: I only started watching it recently. Like Jessie and Andy. (8/10)
Alias: My bro and mum liked this show. (7/10)
Felicity: I watched it when i was too bored. Tuesday's on TV2. Not DAT great though. (5.5/10)
Earth Final Conflict: I LOVED this, especially the song! (8.5/10)
Mutant X: I liked it, not THAT much though. (7.9/10)
First Wave: How could I forget! This is like the BEST. Together with Charmed and Grey's anatomy and survivor. (9.8/10)
Third Watch: Occassionally watched this, but not really a big fan. (6.9/10)
Tru Calling: Quite nice (6/10)
Relic Hunter: One of the best shows! (9/10)
Guinevere Jones: I did watch it, not *dat* great though. (5/10)
24: I hated this in the past, only started to watch it now (Season 7?) Hate Bauer but like agent Moss n Walker...Janice, Chloe n the rest...Pity Larry died. (5.5/10)

No Rating. I was too young to really remember these shows. But my fav is spellbinder.
Sliders: Great show, but I can barely remember it.
Oceangirl: Erm...GREAT!
Lois & Clark the new adventures of superman: My sis liked this. BETTER than smallville!
Robin Hood: I can barely remember this show. But i know it existed...
Spellbinder: GREAT!!! Can you remember Spellbinder Ashkah? I can... and those energy balls!
X-files: I liked this, but it was pretty scary most of the time.
Conan The Adventurer : I can vaguely remember this, but it was good.

The Mole: This was GREAT! (9.5/10)
Manhunt: A show about people being hunted...haha. Not bad. (5.5/10)
Survivor: I wish it were still shown. Damn NTV7! This is the BEST reality tv series ever. (9.9/10)
The Amazing Race: Quite good, but can't compete with survivor. (8.5/10)
Hell's Kitchen: It was damn good hearing Gordon Ramsay curse. (8.0/10)
Ironchef: Good show. (8/10)
The Apprentice: This was good! Love the backstabbing and conflicts. (9.0/10)
She's Got The Look: Search for mature model...pretty good (8/10)
Shear Genius: Hairstyling Reality, pretty good (7.5/10)

Damn! I know I forgot so many of them, and that's why I'm writing this. Will try to recall more later. I will rank them too!

Here are some shows that are very famous which i didn't get to watch OR I didn't like.

The Practice
CSI (all 3 versions)

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