Friday, September 25, 2009

Mysteries of the Universe (To be Cont.)

Part 1: The Universe

I know the universe is REALLY huge, but my problem is, what is outside the universe? How can anything be endless? No matter how big he universe is, it must have an end! Try picturing the universe in your head. Maybe you picture the universe as a REALLY large box. But what is outside that box? Imagine the universe expanding in every direction, larger and larger, but yet, there MUST be an end to it. No matter how large the universe is, it will have a boundary. But what is beyond that boundary! Even if it is just empty space, vacuum, it is still something. But again, that vacuum/empty space can't go on forever! It will have another boundary again. I am incapable of imagining a universe which size is infinite...

I think that we are only able to picture something that is finite. Perhaps the human brain is unable to handle infinity. Perhaps our brains are too "fragile" and perhaps we cannot even begin to grasp the "real truth" which may be totally out of our mind's capacity to imagine.

What do you think?

Part 2: Time
This one is no less intriguing. We sometimes hear the phrase "At the begining of time". The "begining of time" could refer to the creation of the universe, or any other event, not necessarily marking the begining of the universe. Rather, I think it should refer to the first point of existence. The begining of time is when the first entity/being/world/universe first existed. Let's say it was the existence of vaccuum in space, before the creation of the universe. But what about BEFORE the vaccuum was there? Something must have existed before that vast vaccuum filled space. in that case, that "something's" existence should mark the begining of time. But yet, "something else" surely preceeded the "something". And it goes on. So was there really a begining? FOREVER seems like a more appropriate word. But how can something be forever (Which means it existed "since the begining of time"), if the "begining of time" doesn't even exist?

Okay, let's say, at the begining of time, time=0 or let's say 1 billion trillion years ago. So -1 would be before the begining of time or 1 billion trillion billion years MINUS 1 year. In that case, "1 billion trillion MINUS 1" should be the begining of time! I guess the begining of time doesn't exist...or my puny brain can't comprehend it. Prove me wrong will ya...

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