Saturday, October 17, 2009

Movies I have watched...

Well, I should record this down too!

Well, it started with Bolt and Dark Knight last year/last last year?. Then I went to the cinema much more often after that...

Dark Knight 9/10 <-- I think it was really good?
Pandorum 9/10 <--It was very good! But scary like shit!!!
Bolt 8.5/10 <-- Made me like watching movies in cinema. Quite touching…
Angels and Demons 8.5/10 <-- Quite good!!
Star Trek 8.5/10 <-- Quite good, but I couldn't enjoy the full experience bcoz badly had to pee.
GI Joe: The rise of Cobra 8.5/10 <--I like the bad guys...hahaa
Percy Jackson & The Olympians:The lightning Thief 8.5 <--One of the better movies to be released. Fun to watch throughout the show,great cast with great acting especially the main three.
Ice Age 3 8.5/10 <-- I like the sabertooth squirrel
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 8.25/10 <-- The lame attempts at humour and Dastons mumbling kinda reduced the score of this otherwise good movie. Didn't like some of the dialogue lines between Daston and Tamina as well....but good storyline, fight scenes, nice scenery, great cast and good happy ending.
2012 8.25/10 <-- Plot had too much coincidence...and really unbelievable, but otherwise entertaining and fun to watch!
The Book of Eli 8.25 <- Nothing much really stands out, but overall quite a good solid movie that is entertaining and has a different feel.
Inception 8.25 <- Nice concept, fast paced and good to watch, but could have been improved. Lacking something....
Invictus 8.25 <- The starting was dull (focusing more on Nelson Mandela), but towards the end, the movie really picked up (focusing more on the Rugby matches and Matt Damon). There were several great scenes in the movie such as the rugby match in the rain, and was surprised by Matt Damon's great acting towards the end of the movie. Really interesting how sports can unite a nation. What's amazing is this is based on a true story...and how remarkable the likeness between Nelson Mandela and Morgan Freeman. Oh...and it reminded me of District 9 due to the South Africa setting.
Avatar in 3D 8.25 <-- Entertaining, fun to watch, and GREAT graphics, but otherwise lousy (terrible) plot, and not that great a cast (except sigourney weaver). Even less suspense than 2012...remake of Pocahantas with an expensive budget.
Robin Hood 8.25 <-- Everything was so smooth and I have no complaints at all. But this movie is not very memorable. Entertaining and well made, but nothing really stood out except Prince John and his French Queen.
Terminator Salvation 8.25/10 <--I didn't follow the terminator series but still liked this
Daybreakers 8.25/10 <--Quite good to watch with several memorable scenes, was surprised by the brutal ending. Great concept, but a little bit "unbelievable" how the blood supply dwindles so fast in just a few days when the epidemic has been going on for 10 years!
G-Force 8/10 <--The mice were tooo cute, but the mole was kinda disgusting to see.
Surrogates 8/10 <-- Don't really like the too simple plot, but otherwise great concept.
Gamer 8/10 <--Love the concept of "society" but otherwise nothing amazing
I love you, Beth Cooper 8/10 <-- Not bad for a chick flick. Kinda meaningful
Wall Street Money Never Sleeps 8/10 <-- I don't really enjoy non-action movies, but this was okay. Good cast and nice twist.
District 9 8/10 <-- This show is strange.
Madagascar 3 8/10 <-- Okay okay lar
Astroboy 7.75 <-- Fun to watch, otherwise nothing much
Skyline- 7.5/10 - The end was good, nice CGI
Up 7.5/10 <-- Cast was too small, not interesting enough
Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakuel 7.5 <--entertaining but nothing else
Money is not enough 2 7.5/10 <-- First time watching hockien movie in cinema
Monsters Vs. Aliens 7.5/10 <-- Nothing to shout about
Aliens in the Attic 7.5/10 <-- Not bad
Transformers: revenge of the fallen 7/10 <--The loud-mouth mother really annoyed me.
The final Destination 7/10 <--Kinda sux
Legion 6.5<--It was really disappointing mainly because of the action scenes. The plot kinda sucked when they could have done so much more. The concept of God losing hope for humanity is a great concept. The cast is rather good too...but the shooting/editing making of the film really brought everything down. Hoping for a remake.
Clash of the Titans 6/10 <-- Sam Worthington sucks. Action scenes and plot sucked. Didn't enjoy this at all, not even fun to watch.
Blood: The last Vampire 5/10 <--This sucks, really, and not because she's a vampire

I am number four -8.5/10 -Really enjoyed this, fun and nice fight scenes
Thor- 8/10-Enjoyed this
Transformers: Dark of the moon- 8.25-Enjoyed this, some touching moments like the moon landing.
Captain America: The first Avenger  -8.75-Really enjoyed this, some very touching moments.
Rise of the planet of the Apes-8.5- Really enjoyed this
Conan the Barbarian-8/10- I enjoyed this despite the bad-hype going around.

Man on A Ledge 7.5/10 -entertaining, but extremely unrealistic plot
The Hunger Games 8.5/10 - fun to watch, nice costumes!
Snow White and the Huntsman 8/10- Fun to watch, although I finally understand why some people hate Kristen Stewart. And yes, Charlize Theron's evil queen was great.

Movies I watched on DVD: (Lower score because not watched in cinema)

The Other Boleyn Girl<--8 I liked this, especially Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman outshines Scarlett Johannson...
Elizabeth: The Golden Age <--7.5 Nothing that spectacular but a bit disappointed with the portrayal of Philip II. He was a great man, but portrayed as a weak lunatic.
The Curious case of benjamin button <--7.5 A bit too long, a bit unrealistic but rather good...Impressed by Queenie. Impressed by the elderly Benjamin (old looking, young age). Impressed by Tilda Swinton. Didn't really like Cate Blanchett in this movie...
Hurt Locker <--8 Impressed by the main actor and his relationship with Beckham and Eldridge. Impressed by Beckham! Not much suspence as it's quite predictable which bombs would blow (I knew the poor Doc would die) and which wouldn't, but otherwise still fun to watch. Low visual quality towards the end spoiled the movie a bit. Caution: Bad language in this film is addictive. Makes me want to use the F word...haha.
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant 5 <--worst movie to date? Monkey girl is the only thing slightly good about this movie.
The Road 6.5 <--Too slow and boring.

Great movies (Score >9) I watched on TV :
Kingdom of Heaven
Underworld 2
The Day After Tomorrow

Movies I want to watch:

Movies I wanted to watch but missed:
1. Twilight
2. Orphan
3. I love you, man
4. Street Fighter: The legend of Chun Li
5. Whiteout <- Bad reviews deterred me
6. New Moon <-I guess bcoz I didn't watch twilight, I didn't want to watch the sequel before the prequel.
7. A Christmas Carol <- Didn't look that good
8. Imaginarium of Dr Parnasus
9. Solomon Kane
10. Shutter Island
11. Sorcerer's Apprentice
12. The last airbender

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