Friday, February 19, 2010

Another year

This year Chinese New Year wasn't as tiring as usual. That's because I started preparing for it early, starting to clear the house several days before New Year's Eve and completing it before New Year's Day. Maybe it was the cool weather as well; it rained almost everyday and so I didn't sweat at all while visiting...And I turned in be4 2:30 every night, and woke up late (because of the rain which hampered early visiting) so I was well rested. :)

The only thing that made mum and I extra busy was cooking the food to serve people (and washing the plates and glasses later). Overall, it wasn't too hectic, but I didn't have much time to go online at all. So i was truly in "CNY" mood.

Compared to last year, this year, many people didn't give me ang pow... don't know why. I still look young wat...and still not working.

Went out with two batches of friends this year. My old Sec School mates and my Uni friends. I'm surprised that I actually felt comfortable with my sec school mates; maybe I even talked more to them then I did during school time (since I was VERY quiet then). Visiting with friends this year however, felt quite tiring... and sometimes we would just sit there and wait for time to pass, enjoying the aircon...haha. Not to say that it was boring, but I guess the word "leisurely" describes it.

In all, it was a nice new year. Happy Chinese New Year everyone.

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