Friday, February 12, 2010

This is for you

This is for you Olee.

You got me distressed. Last night when I saw your post, I certainly thought you were meaning me. Not that I admit that I'm "smart", but I know that that's what you think of me. It's got me bothered because mostly it's true.

I've been avoiding MSN for some reasons. I used to be addicted to it, and spent lots of time chatting with friends. But now, I think I've changed. Playing facebook games in my thing. It's easier, with no responsibility required. You see, chatting sometimes is rather tedious. First, you gotta be online all the time. You can't just leave the computer and say "BRB" and go and do your thing, and come back later expecting your friend still to be there. Yeah, chatting is tedious. Then you get disturbed by people you don't really want to talk to and you have this really draggy conversation that you don't really want to have. Then there's other times that you want to talk to someone, but then you feel like they don't really want to talk to you. The opposite of what I just said. Yeah, probably it's just me that feels this way. Wayyy to complicated. I do feel guilty about "abandoning" some of the friends (real life friends) I used to chat with. But I don't like going "Invisible" just to chat with them. It makes me feel so "selective" which is not a nice feeling. Wayyy to complicated right? And the worst is that sometimes you are expected to chat, even when there is nothing to chat about! I really don't like having to force it...haha...maybe that's why I disappeared from MSN in the first place. The many months of my long holidays have been uneventful and nothing has ever happened, so what's there to chat about?? Anyway, it led to a chain cyle...with logging in getting more and more infrequent. Hehe, if anyone bothered to read till here, congrats. You're really patient!

This is for me too, not just you. I have been wondering whether I should go back to MSN...I know some of my friends miss me. I kinda miss them too. But I'm not gonna think about it now. As I said, chatting is added responsibility! At least for me, if not for you too.

Goodnight. Have a nice day. Hehe... :)

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