Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A game is exactly what it is.

A game is exactly what it is. A game, is just a game. I must not get to stressed out over a game. I must not worry about a game. i shouldn't care if i win or lose a game. It shouldn't bother me even if I get wiped out. I will not long as I have done my duty and supported my allies. It doesn't mattter if I am wiped out, after all, this is just a game. Remember that. It doesn't matter. So don't waste too much time on a game. Just play to have fun. Being too active has its drawbacks.

Sometimes you gotta be selfish to win a game: betray your neighbours, abandon your friends when they need help. But hey, this is what happens in real life too. I guess games are part of real life, since there are REAL people behind that screen. The relationships we build are REAL. It's like survivor. It IS a game. You have to outwit, outplay and outlast. But at the same time, you're playing against real people, not a computer. So how would you play the game? If I joined survivor, I guess I would be the loyal, hardworking, but weak type...but totally paranoid too. haha.

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