Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sound a like songs

Take a listen to "The Cure" by Jordin Sparks... The begining is almost like Better in Time by Leona Lewis!! They are almost as similar as the controversial couple: Kelly Clarkson/Beyonce's Already Gone/Halo. Haha...and "The Cure" has parts of "halo" too. I can see your halo...halo...halo...

And One Republic's new song "All the right moves" has a remarkably similar one line to T.a.t.u's "Not gonna get us"...Compare the two lines "All the right things in all the right places" from One Republic to "They're not gonna get us" from T.a.t.u. I think they sound quite a like...

Damn...and I just realised the first four piano notes opening "All the right moves" sounds just like the first four notes opening "21 Guns" by greenday.

But I don't really mind..just thought to point it out! :)

Of course everyone (Indonesian music lovers) also knows that Sampson's Kenangan Terindah sounds like the opening tune from Anggun's Mimpi.

I think I've blogged this be4, Bunga Cinta Lestari's Ingkar sounds like the opening theme from First Wave (Tv series).

We the King's "Heaven can wait" sounds alot like Kelly Clarkson's "My life would suck without you"...don't you agree?

John Mayer's Hearbrake warfare and Kelly Clarkson's sober. The phrase "If you want, more love.. why don't you say so" sounds like a phrase from Sober...

Any others you know of?

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