Sunday, January 24, 2010

Morning Star

A morning star is a weapon. It's a nasty ball of spikes fastened to a chain. To use it, you swing it at your enemy, but be careful not to hit yourself with it. Or you may lose more than an eye. Maybe a ball too, if you're lucky.

A morning star is a star which can be seen in the early hours of morning. It must be a very bright star since the sky isn't that dark yet. Sometimes, bright planets can be mistaken as stars, but planets do not flicker, only stars do.

Sometimes when I look at the moon and stars, I wonder. Does all that truly exist? Is space and the universe real? Or are we just taught to believe it? maybe we are living in a box, and fed lies. Something like in "The Matrix" or Jim Carey's "The Truman Show". Maybe I am Truman. Maybe people are watching me. Haha. Maybe this is my first time communicating with my audience out there? Reaching out to you? Haha. Who knows. I mean, really. Have you ever been to outer space? It takes a lot of faith to believe in something and yet we easily believe in space and the universe. For all you know, it could just be a high sky dome!!! No such thing as outer space okay?

Then what about God? Why is it so hard to believe in God when all evidence is around us? Who knows what God is. We probably will never understand. When you look into the night sky, and all you see is black with some white flickering lights, you believe that space and the universe is out there. Yet, when you look at everything else small and big in the whole world, a single cell organism (how complicated it truly is), a hydrogen atom (how little we understand till now), or even just understanding ourselves, it's hard to believe in God. I mean everything here could be evidence of the existence of God right? My question is "Why is it hard to believe?".

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Olee said...

Seek no glory and you'll be content at just being average.