Sunday, January 24, 2010

It kinda sux

It kinda sux that I don't have real talent for anything, especially for things that I like to do.

I like to sing, I think I've got musical talent, but then my voice isn't the best. It's a bit high and lacks "body", it doesn't have a nice tone, and sometimes (most times) it sounds nasally. And I can't sustain singing for long, especially high notes... My voice cracks too easily, and the high notes are hard to do. And I don't have stamina, or a proper breathing technique. Won't it be great if I can sing like David Archuleta? Adam Lambert? Miley Cyrus? Beyonce? :) For musical instruments, I can't play anything except a recorder, but I can't sing and play the recorder at the same time! So that sux.

I also like to play games or pc games. But I don't have any talent and I'm not very good at it. I used to play these short flash games on Neopets, but I always struggled to get a good score. It seemed so unfair that some of these people could have many many trophies for high scores in almost EVERY game!! WTF? I can't even get a high-score trophy in a single game! Then there's other games like Utopia or Realms of Empires (Facebook game) where some people can do so much with the limited resources they have-unlike me...I'm only average. DOTA?? Don't even mention it. Noobish I am...

Writing. Some people have the talent to write, I have barely any. I can't write in any distinctive way, I lack "flair" and don't seem to have any inborn talent with words. I can't write anything that is "engaging" or which can "immerse" you in my world. I'm not even witty, nor do I have wicked humour. I have difficulty describing scenes, and what I like most are simply...dialogue! Haha. But a story can't ONLY have dialogue now can it?

Gardening? I just started, but it seems my plants are having a slow start... no green fingers here. All I have are blistered hands :(

What else do I like to do. Watch tv! I don't need any talent for that. Haha. It doesn't take much to slouch on a chair and stare at a box. Switching chanels during adverts. I'm pretty good at guessing when advertisements end and so that's pretty good I guess. Haha? Time to watch Merlin now, my favourite show nowadays, because TV basically sux. There's not much to watch anymore nowadays.

Swimming? My lap time is double that of a pro-swimmer and I don't have much stamina, nor do I have strength to sprint.

Cooking? Nothing wonderful. Edible I guess... nice maybe... but nothing that makes you go "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"...

Studying? I hated doing it. I was the highest achiever in my uni batch, but really, if you compare me with students of other universities, I'd just turn out average or maybe above average...

So now you know I'm only average/above average at what I do! And suck at other things. I do wish I had talent to do something amazingly well... but oh well...too bad I guess. Ok, time to watch Merlin!

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