Tuesday, January 12, 2010

oh oh

I should be full of excitement, full of energy, full of confidence, ready to continue my Masters tomorrow, as I drive back to uni, walk through the familiar hallways, back to my lecturer's room, who's always nice, back to the lab where so much happened last year, except that this time, it's gonna be empty, most of my friends are gone, the lab instead will be filled with a bunch of new noisy students, rushing for machines, showing their selfish side (I hope not), and my lecturer probably has this whole new expectation from me now that I'm no more an undergrad, a research which I once considered easy, now being more difficult, having to look at my seniors now as friends and equals, having to treat them as such, not having my usual lunch company/companion, no more lab partner, no more gaming sessions at lab, the returning feeling of nervousness when I've to meet people, and basically, more negativity which is a total turn around considering I did have a great time last year, and everyone says 2010 is gonna be even better than 2009.

So anyway, I need to become fearless this year. Driven, focussed, fearless, hardworking, friendly, less arrogant, less shy, more humble, more intelligent, more professional, more grown up. But no1 is Fearless. Fear is the mind killer. Remember that. There is nothing to fear. Not even death, failure, people, embarassment, nothing. Nothing to fear as long as I've tried my best.

Goodnight, dear readers.

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