Thursday, December 24, 2009

The End...

Unfortunately, Eli Stone, the best tv series will not be renewed for another season.

Anyway, it's one of the best tv series of late, and definitely one of the most touching (if not the most) drama I've ever watched. Terrific acting, and the best chemistry I've seen between Eli/Maggie.

Why can't Eli and Maggie be together? God's will? Writer's plot? That's sad. Actually I like Grace too, so who know's how it would turn out eventually. And fantastic acting by Katie Holmes, very memorable guest appearance (Sigourney Weaver too).

Taylor/Matt Dowd plot was great, even Maggie/New Boyfriend scenes were great. Eli/Nate relationship was good too...actually the whole show is superb in my opinion.

Good character development,especially Taylor, Maggie, Matt.

Anyway, as a season ender, it was a great ending. As a series ending, a great ending too. No loose tails, happy ending. Now we only have to wonder what happens to Eli/Maggie/Grace.

The End.

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