Friday, December 19, 2008

1st times!

1. It was my birthday last Monday, and for the first time, I celebrated it with friends. Previous years were with my mum only... So thanks a lot to my dear friends :) (First time eating curly fries at McD late at night too)

2. First time playing Warcraft III (Recently). But I haven't played DOTA yet... Thanks a lot to my labmate...! It's a BIG DEAL becoz this game is so popular but I have never EVER even tried it. Thanks Mimie :) Haha.

3. First time getting my mouth swolled due to some kind of allergy. This happened today during dinner. It could be due to the butter prawns (I removed the shell with my mouth) or maybe the salted fish. Or maybe some Chrysantemum tea polluted with chemicals? I am quite sensitive to chemicals.

4. First time heard the song Matahariku by Agnes Monica this week. It's quite good and I like the lyrics, tune, voice and everything :)

5. First time going OUT of uni for lunch with friends. I mean just a casual lunch...not planned. It's nice :)

6. First time sitting in the front seat of a four wheel drive!! :)

7. Can't think of what else !!! Oh dear...

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