Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wrong Priorities

(Narrated in the style of Meredith Grey)

The world is a messed up place. I have often wondered, why do farmers earn so little. They are very important people. We depend on them to survive. Their work is tough; working a whole day in the fields under the hot sun till their muscles ache. Then they return home late in the evening, and prepare for another day. Imagine if all the farmers went on strike and money could not buy food. Where would we get food from? We would starve to death or learn to grow our own food. Then we'd realise how lucky we are. I think society needs to re-arrange the priorities. A farmer should earn no less than a doctor if he works just as hard. After all, how is a Doctor's job of "saving lives" more important than a farmer's job of "nurturing life"? It's not.

Which brings me to the next topic. Money. How much money we have defines how much we are worth. Money is like a form of credit or bartering chip. For every service rendered (unless it's free service), we earn money. Then we can exchange that money for something else (ie. buying something). A service that we have done earlier enables us to gain something back, at a later date. It's a good system, where one contributes something and gets something back from his contribution, now, or at a later date. Supposedly, those who are very rich with wealth to last three generations have done so much for the society that they can simply live and do nothing for the rest of their lives. Think of it this way, when they spend money, they are extracting back the benefits of the favours they have done earlier in life. If they deserve it, why not. But unfortunately, many will lie, cheat and steal to earn money which they don't deserve. They manipulate others and inflate their self-worth. They become filthy rich, but at the expense of others. The money has to come from somewhere, usually from the toil and labor of others. In other words, these "rich" people are unjustly taking the self-worth of others and claiming it as their own. Even more unfortunately, the "survival of the fittest" seems to favour not only the best among us, but also the dishonest and those who can inflate their self-worth artificially.

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