Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Feeling tired...

Feeling like going to bed now, but it's only 8pm! I'm afraid if I *try* to go to sleep now, I may end up having imsomnia instead. But I'm tired now...hmm...I feel not soooo tired all of a sudden. Anyway, I need to repay my sleep-debt since last night i was quite restless and didn't get a good night's sleep. Maybe I'll *try* to sleep early today... yeah :)

Today's my second 8-5 day and it's only the SECOND day of uni... I think I like making myself seem busy??? Hmm... maybe. Haha.

And today was quite a mixed day....felt quite "down" in the late morning-noon, probably due to lack of sleep/energy.... but cheered up later after lunch...maybe it was lunch, maybe it was cause my friend came to lab (or maybe my PCR finally had a band-even though it was only a tiny tiny tiny band...haha. ) :)

Anyway, that's my day today. Goodnight :D

Listening to Love Story now...

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