Monday, January 19, 2009

Another muzik muzik post!

Haha...I saw people blogging about this, and now I want to blog about it too :)

This time around, I haven't been following muzik muzik... didn't even watch the normal episodes or the semi-finals (except youtube)... Used to be quite an addict to this show when I was younger...

So anyway, firstly, I'm glad that Faizal Tahir didn't win the grand prize! Hate (quite a strong word...ok, dislike) that guy... I would have been glad if anyone else won EXCEPT him. However, I have to admit that I quite like that Coba song of his... hmm. But i dislike him lah.... so don't want him to win :)

The Irama Malaysia (ethnik kreatif?) was very disappointing this year... Its always the worst category, but by far it was the worst this year... The winner is not something i would consider as ethnik kreatif... seems like just a normal pop song...with the erhu and fan dance to make it "chinese"... crap. Pop rock was ok...but I don't like pop-rock category usually... (except Destinasi Cinta last year)

Anyway, i didn't have any song in particular that I wanted to win... since most of them were eliminated in the semi-finals (Nubhan...Aizat's other song, Mila):(

But my favourite was Aizat's "Lagu Kita" or "Our song" by Taylor Swift :) But I knew the song was too simple to win lah... but it was nice anyway. It's really amazing too how he can diet until so thin... (i didnt know he was a fat guy last time)

Ziana Zain who i liked when i was young (not anymore) was quite disappointing...I thought hopefully she could redeem herself..but too bad. Ayu was disappointing too. My mum said Heliza's make up was overdone for someone wearing the tudung, but I said that's her style... (not that I know her lah) And Jaclyn Victor was great, and gemilang sounded quite different...!

In the end, it's disappointing that Faizal tahir got VOCAL terbaik since he clearly doesn't have any good vocals... and persembahan terbaik...oh crap! Just lucky he didn't win the grand prize :)


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