Thursday, February 9, 2012

A busy, busy day.

"You've had a busy, busy day."- Christina Yang, Grey's anatomy, Season 7 Finale.

Yes, I've had a busy, busy day. I did four preps of plasmid extractions (two tubes each time), did a PCR, ran two gels, did a 6 hour ligation reaction (with manual water bath keeping temperature at 16C) all done in about six and a half hours. So yes, I've had a busy, busy day. I even had time to go for a 40 minute lunch in between. And I managed to blog, lurk on facebook and even listen to music on youtube. But I missed the battlestation wars on facebook today. That's okay because work always comes first. Oh, I was also supposed to do a transformation for the ligation reaction I was preparing, but the lab next door (with the -80C freezer holding my competent cells) was locked, so I couldn't do it. Anyway, I think my last gel is about done now, so bye. I'll be going home after viewing it. Fare the well and yes, I've had a busy, busy day.

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