Sunday, February 12, 2012

Book Reviews (4)

The Armageddon Strain (Book 1 of The Countdown series by Sharon Gilbert)

I purchased this hardcover book at a Christian bookstore for only RM9.90, a real bargain. At first, I had thought that the book was out of place, it wasn't a real Christian book, and that the storekeeper had mistakenly purchased it because of the book title. I thought it was a book dealing with viruses and SCIENCE. I was right, for about half the book. Then, came the scenes containing religion, demons and other supernatural beings.

This book is rather fast paced, too fast paced for my liking because it skips out on description and characterization, and the author often skips from scene to scene, often each scene introducing new characters. There are far too many characters and little time is spent to flesh them out. Only the main characters get some meat, though even minor characters are given memorable names like Carrot-top. I did feel for some characters, especially Meiers. Also, Maggie, the lead female, seemed to be the desire of all men, and she has so many love interests, including her divorced husband. Also of note, most characters in this book are middle age or at least not young.

The ending was extremely disappointing and anti-climatic. Even though this is the first book in a series, I believe it should have been given a decent ending. Despite all the negatives, the book did keep me entertained, and some parts were memorable, but it was fatally killed by the ending, thus getting a 5/10. I would not recommend a purchase unless at a bargain price or someone lends it to you :)

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