Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Book Reviews(3)

Brisingr! That's the 3rd book in the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini. In this book, he really proved some points that I had made in my review of his earlier books. His writing has improved, but then he still writes things that makes me question the plot. And then he kills off another character at the end, surprise, surprise. The begining of the book was well written, especially the long awaited fight with the Razac. But then it got boring and very destination oriented, which means Eragon decided to go to location A, B, C then D, E and then F all in that order which seems too planned out. Most of the time, Eragon also acts childish (technically he is a child) and his outbursts are rather out of character for a "hero" figure. And when the time comes (the big battle at the end) where he can kill dozens of men with any of a handful of killing words, he conveniently forgets that he has that power. Instead he kills them the slow and tedious way so his army still has a job to do. The final battle was not believable considering that Eragon has grown so powerful but yet for no explained reason, did not use his powers. Overall, this book was still entertaining and fun, and I do care about the characters, story and the world that I will try to obtain the last book, Inheritance which was recently released. However, because of the flawed last battle, his tendency to kill characters at the end/begining to move the plot, and an almost methodological plot, this book gets a 8/10. I have been over critical so here are some of the good things. Indeed, there are many good things, especially Eragon and Saphira's relationship, the scenery and the view of the world through Eragon/Saphira's eyes, the student-teacher relationship, the many strong women characters, and lastly Roran's struggles which make me worry about Roran in every battle he is in, since he is not the central character, thus subject to death.

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