Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I dream

I dream of Thrace, Smyrna and Corinth. What it would be like living in those ancient times. Untamed landscapes, green as far as the eye can see. Just running around, carefree and happy, the wind blowing my hair wild.

I dream of Darius, Xerxes and Alexander. How it would feel to live their lives. How can a single man rule the world? How great each of these people are...to achieve so much, at such a young age. Great leaders, amazing talents. What strengths and determination they must possess?

I dream of 19th century Vienna, Paris and Rome. The awe i would feel when i enter these cities for the first time. The center of civilization. The pinaccle of culture and asthetics.

I dream I am Pug meeting Kulgan that very first time. In Kulgan's tiny cabin, the only shelter from the beating rain. The smell of roasting pork fills the air. Smoke billows from the fireplace. Warmth and companionship. Delicious food. What more could want ask?

I dream of the Apostles of Christ, Paul, Peter and the others. How amazing that these people had the strength to travel the world and preach of Christ when confronted with opposition at every turn. Would you go to a foreign land, facing hardships of all sorts when you could be comfortable at home?

I dream of my mom's younger days. What a happy childhood she had, playing with all her cousins and friends. They had no computers, and they had fun! For sure, more fun than i have playing my computer games.

I dream I am at home now, eating that delicious fish curry with that new curry paste I just bought. Mmm it would taste so good, I am sure. Maybe not as good as Meecham's roast pork, but still good.

Sometimes I wonder about my life and the path I've chosen. It's as if I could not achieve anything. Nothing I would do would impact the world the way Alexander, the Apostles of Christ or countless other historical figures have done. Even Obama, the most powerful man alive cannot compare to any of these great men. Perhaps in the past, people single handedly built cities, conquered nations and ruled the world. But now people don't do things alone. Now, we have to work together, and the credit is split, no longer belonging to one man alone. Perhaps I want to be a great man someday, but I am growing old. If it is to be, it has to be now.

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