Friday, April 2, 2010

Struggling with my mortality

This morning while I was driving, on the radio, there was an advert urging us to pledge ourselves as organ donors. As an organ donor, we could possibly save lives. Why not become one? For me, I feel as if I will never die. Some how, I feel like I will live till an old man or till the end of the world. I don't feel that i could die in a car accident or from some disease, although there is a really high chance of me dying. I guess I am struggling with my own mortality. I'm not willing to "admit" that there is a chance that I may die tomorrow or the day after. Instead, I go on thinking that I have many days left to live, not realising that tomorrow or the next day may very well be my last. Who knows? Only God knows. Would God give me a warning? Who knows? If he did, would I heed his warning? Probably not.

Anyway, I should stop living my life as if I have so long more to live. After all, I am only mortal. Come, together lets make the best of our remaining days.

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