Monday, November 30, 2009

Prelude to the End

Prelude to the End.

Today is the 30th of November 2009. Tomorrow is the 1st of December. If the world were to end in December 2012, we would have 3 years left to live. It wouldn’t be that bad. Finally an end to all the suffering going on in this world.

Why does man have to suffer? All the suffering happening EVERYWHERE in the world. Unhappiness. Physical pain. Hunger. Illness. Relationship troubles. Break-ups. Falling in love with someone who can’t return your love. Cheating on your wife. Lying to your best friend. Having to do something you don’t like to do. Working 8-5, burned out after work. Getting fired. Not knowing what to do. Even being bored out of your mind is suffering. I hate the phrase “No pain no gain.” WHY MUST THERE BE PAIN!!! Something is wrong... WHY Should there be pain?

Why do some people have to starve? Yet most of us are unsatisfied with the food we are blessed to eat. We always want to eat nicer food. Sushi King, Seafood, Suckling Pig, Peking Duck, Nasi Ayam Penyet. I guess once in a while if we can afford it, we feel we “deserve” a treat. Anyway, life is so unfair. They have nothing to eat, while we are unsatisfied with what we have to eat. I always complain about the food even when I KNOW I shouldn’t complain. WHY does this happen??

Worse still. Some people work so hard to earn a living, just to survive. To carve out their basic existence. And yet some of us just “enjoy” playing meaningless Facebook games. Chatting on MSN for hours (Not me). Pointless activities if you actually think about it. Seems like a worthless existence. Won’t matter much if the end of the world really came. Blogging. Haha.

I think one of the purposes of man on earth is to be happy, to enjoy his existence, doing good things. We don’t need all the technology and advancement we have now to be happy. I feel it would be nice to live in a period long gone, in a farming community, self supporting, everybody simple, yet happy. In a utopia where evil didn’t exist. I think humans are born with a clean slate and it is our life experiences that turns us evil. I don’t think humans are born the “selfish creatures” that we are now. Maybe we need to have a restart, a clean slate.

In conclusion, I think that not existing may be better than existing in a world full of suffering. But I’m still young, my thoughts change often. Who knows...

I originally wanted to blog about now is December, the END of my holidays. Time to get off my ass. SERIOUSLY. But 2012 is pretty good too. Haha. Anyway, I will try my best to make life more meaningful, and try to ease the suffering of others as much as possible. I hope I can do it! Be a better person….TIME TO REPENT. Be a better Christian! Or Buddhist if you are one…Or Muslim…Jewish. Taoist. Hindu. Scientologist?

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