Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's been awhile

(To be sung in the tune of Lady Gaga's You and I)
It's been a long time since I've been around,
Been a long time since I've updated,
But right now I am updating my blog,

Been so busy with my life,
Never found the time to write anything,
Been reading, watching stuff and playing games.

Did some reading in my spare time,
Addicted to the drow in the forgotten realms,
Till I exhausted all the drow books,
Download-ed trueblood,
Addicted to Sookie and Vampire Bill,
Eric Northman, Pam and even Sam Merlott.

Jessica Hamby and Hoyt,
Are such a cute couple,
Watched Season 1 till Season 4
and Tommy Mickens and Tara Thornton, are a tragic couple

Played Langrisser 4 in my spare time,
Finished the game in the independent path,
Got boring and really time consuming,

Still very, busy with all my labwork,
From 9 till 5 on most of the days,
Gonna get busier when chemicals arrive,
Gonna camp in the lab in my sleeping bag, (figurative)
Waiting for the bugs to grow,

Been kinda lonely and enjoying it,
Kinda isolated and enjoying it,
Not being forced to do something that I do not enjoy,

Just being myself, doing what I like,
Me and myself and I,
Me and myself, and I,

I'd rather die,
than be me myself and I.

Sorry this doesnt really rhyme
with the Lady Gaga song you and I
But so what,
I can do what I like :)

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