Sunday, March 1, 2009

Music and me...

Today I studied music. All the notes (called taugeh by some) are giving me a feeling of "disorientation" or "blur" or "mind too active". Haha. Maybe it's because of staring at the pc too long...trying to play music on my mini-keyboard from music sheets on the pc-screen. At least now I can recognise the bass clef notes, although it still takes me some time. Treble clef is slightly easier since I have done it since primary school music class. Yeah, all cows eat grass and good boys do fine always :)

Yes, every good boy does fine!! And my FACe is so handsome :) Haha.

Anyway, I should sleep soon. Tomorrow is another 6.30am day... Goodnite.. bye bye. *kiss-kiss*

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